2016 OpCom Meeting Notes and Presentations

Notes from the 2016 OpCom Meeting: Jan 29 OpCom report, tmc edits, 013116 R6OpCom 1601 attendance Presentations from the 2016 OpCom Meeting: 2030 Questions-Comments Vig v.6 The Loyal Opposition Opposing the Proposal Constitution Changes 20160130 – YP – Region 4-5-6 Meeting IEEE Disruptive Innovation Presentation Chapter Recording and Distribution Tools-R6_R5_R4-Walz_TC160130 AIYEHUM Presentation_Region Directors 20160129-vp-dd 2016… Read more

OpCom Report from Large Section session.

Large Section Discussion What helps make your section successful? Phoenix Section Chair Bruce Ladewig: Success is from affinity groups and chapters, not the excom.  Those groups are passionate, lots of energy, lots fundraising.  Had golf tournament, active with student chapters.  Tend to be more innovative.  Once got the students involved, they started running things themselves. … Read more

Region 6 ExCom Minutes

Minutes from the 2015 Region 6 Fall Excom ————————————- Meeting Dates ————————————- IEEE BOD 2/10-2/15 -San Diego 6/15-6/20 – New Jersey 7/15-7/20 – Retreat 11/16-11/21 – New Jersey Future Leaders Conference 7/28-7/30 10/31-11/1 Sustech 2016 10/14-10/16 GHTC 5/23-5/24 WIE 1/2-1/4 Rising Stars 3/27 Easter Monthly R6 ExCom meetings Mondays – 3rd Monday of every day… Read more