Section Officers

Following are the elected positions within the Richland Section:

Chapter Chairs 

Power and Energy Society

  • Chair:  Leonard S Fifield (
  • Vice-chair: Ron Pawlowski (
  • Secretary: Gourisetti, Sri Nikhil Gupta (

Computer Society

  • Chair: William Moeglein (
  • Vice-chair: Jereme Haack (
  • Secretary: Johnathan Cree (

Nuclear and Plasma Society

  • Chair: Scott Morris (
  • Vice-chair (Nuclear Science): Sean Stave (
  • Vice-chair (Plasma): Hari Sivanandam (
  • Secretary: Ches Simpson (

Sensors Chapter

  • Chair: Mike Larche (
  • Vice-chair: Mark Jones (
  • Secretary: David McKinnon (

Young Professionals (YP) Program (formerly GOLD – Graduates of the Last Decade)

  • Chair: Gourisetti, Sri Nikhil Gupta (
  • Vice-chair: Adrienne Carlson (
  • Secretary: Mostafa Azad (

Women in Engineering (WIE)

  • Chair: Tracy Roberts (
  • Vice-chair: Emily Barrett (
  • Vice-chair: Amanda Prinke (
  • Secretary: Seemita Pal (

Other Richland Section Officers and Volunteers

Except for the PACE chair, which is also an elected position, the remaining positions are either appointed by the section chair, or exist simply because someone was willing to do them.

Awards and Recognition

  • Megan Lerchen (

Educational Activities

  • Robert Ford (

Web Page

  • Ron Pawlowski and Rhonda Schennum (

Student Branch Counselor

  • WSU: Mohamed Osman (
  • Walla Walla: Douglas Logan (

Fellows Search Committee

  • Open

Industry Recognition

  • Open

Young Professional Coordinator

  • Open

Membership Development

  • Open

Nominations and Appointments

  • Open

Scholarship Chair

  • David McKinnon (

Scholarship Committee

  • Evelyn Hirt (

Student Activities

  • David McKinnon


For general information on the IEEE Richland Section, email

For all other questions, or to volunteer for any activity, please contact the appropriate officer or volunteer. We are always looking for help. If you want to get involved, we will find a place for you!