VW Scandal: When Engineers Do the Wrong Thing

The following article is from Engineering 360, Powered by IEEE GlobalSpec:  “VW Scandal: When Good Engineers Do the Wrong Thing“.

Two things I’ve learned over the years:

  1. When something wrong is occurring, the longer it is ignored or remains hidden, the more who get snared in the net!
  2. And a nugget of wisdom from a CEO I worked for:  When confronted with temptation to do something wrong, share it with someone–and the temptation vanishes!  Poof, GONE!

The above article is very insightful.  It is so much easier to learn this lesson from the experience of others, than to suffer it firsthand!  And such a scandal is like an aircraft accident–the accident started long before the crash site!

Happy Engineering!

Best wishes to all,

Steve Kemp, Richmond Section Chair

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