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Interesting Opportunities:

Orion’s Belt might be a Great Waist of Space; but is NASA on your RADAR?

ECPI is looking for Electronics Engineering Professionals for Tech Faculty Positions

Aerotek is looking for a Software Engineer for one of their robotics clients.

Title: Software Engineer
Location: Richmond, VA area
Industry: Robotics
Compensation: Salary  (based upon experience) plus benefits
Job Description:  Report to the Manager of Software of Engineering – Robotics or Chief Architect
Date Posted:  August 31, 2018

  • Support and advance the various software modules of product line
  • Develop new software for advanced robotic functionality including navigation, path planning, collision avoidance, sensor fusion, inter-processor communication, and custom troubleshooting applications.
  • Work with Test Engineers and Service personnel to support product testing and customer-support efforts
  • Generate thorough written and graphic documentation for all design, development and testing
  • Generate test plans for unit, integration, and regression testing
  • Adhere to all regulatory compliance software safety standards
  • Test code in products, both in the lab and in the field
  • Skilled with open-source development tools (e.g., GCC) and libraries
  • Debug software with hardware and software debuggers and electronic test equipment
  • Manage source code using version control systems such as Subversion, git, CVS
  • Track issues using bug tracking software

Contact Stephanie Wilson at or 804-205-3957.

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