Resources for Officers and Committee Volunteers (additional login required)

For Officers and Committee Volunteers (additional login may be required):

  • IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Operations Manual (The MGA Operations Manual – See Section 9 – Geographic Organization Units for material relevant at the Section, Chapter, Affinity Group and Student Branch levels, among others.)  If having trouble displaying .pdf files in Acrobat DC from Internet Explorer, try this.



  • vTools – Various Tools for Officers and Volunteers (please backup and see ‘Tools for Officers’)
    • vTools Training, Nov-2016
    • vTools Training – Report Officer Changes
    • WebEx web conferencing tool has been recently updated to the WebEx Meeting Center platform WBS29.11. Below is a summary of the changes that included in the new release.  See notes.
    • WebEx – Volunteer Remote Conferencing (IEEE page)
    • WebEx – Schedule a WebEx meeting (available in vTools)
  • IEEE Richmond Checklists (Cookbook Menus, Recipes, etc.)
    • The intent behind these are to:  (1) provide checklists for those items that occur rarely, for which the protocol is easily forgotten; and, (2) for those activities that are performed by different volunteers each time, volunteers may need guidance in order to fulfill a responsibility.
    • These ‘menus’ are under development and are only as good as that which our officers and volunteers contribute to their improvement.  If it’s complicated enough that you can’t remember from activity to activity, or if it’s distributed enough that a different volunteer needs to learn a process; then, please make an effort to add to the ‘Best Practices’ of our Checklists.  Your contributions greatly cut the training time for new volunteers and permit your organization to move forward more quickly than we could if every time something is done, we have to learn it from scratch.  These checklists aren’t written by experts for volunteers to follow; rather, they are written by volunteers who wish to leave some guidance behind for the next soul that assumes a responsibility; thus permitting them to move ahead in the organization and make it better for all.
    • You may have noticed the revision date at the bottom of each page.  Please help to improve this site by offering your gripes and suggestions so that we may have the opportunity to improve your membership experience.  IEEE is a volunteer organization and it is important that our volunteers become engaged in the improvement process.


  • WordPress – Section Website Support
    •  WordPress Training – IEEE WordPress Feeds
    • WordPress Training – vTools meetings, officers and other units feeds for WordPress (see the Page under this label)
    • Web-in-a-Box – Website editing (inactive since June 2015, now obsolete) – for WebMaster and authorized users  (obsolete and not being actively maintained)
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