December 12 RTSS 2013 will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada. December 12 Edward Lee’s keynote talk slides are now online. December 8 Best papers of RTSS 2012: Best Paper Award EXTENDING TASK-LEVEL TO JOB-LEVEL FIXED PRIORITY ASSIGNMENT AND SCHEDULABILITY ANALYSIS USING PSEUDO-DEADLINES Hoon Sung Chwa, Hyoungbu Back, Sanjian Chen, Jinkyu Lee, Arvind Easwaran, Insik… Read more

Welcome to RTSS 2012!

IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS) is the premier conference in the area of real-time systems, presenting innovations in the field with respect to theory and practice. RTSS provides a forum for the presentation of high-quality, original research covering all aspects of real-time systems design, analysis, implementation, evaluation, and experiences. RTSS 2012 continues the trend of… Read more