3006 WG

Our next meetings will be at IAS 2017 in Cincinnati, OH, at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, 151 West Fifth Street.

Agenda for IAS 2017 Cincinnati Working Group

Agenda for IAS 2017 Subcommittee

The Working Group will meet at 3:00 PM on Sunday, October 1, in Buckeye A.

The Subcommittee will meet at 10:30 AM on Monday, October 2, in Mountaineer.


Link to Subcommittee Meeting Minutes: 2017-09-18 Draft Reliability Subcommittee Meeting minutes – I&CPS 2017

Link to Working Group Meeting Minutes: 2017-09-18 Draft 3006 Working Group Meeting Minutes ICPS 2017

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Title: P3006.3 – Recommended Practice for Determining the Impact of Preventative Maintenance on the Reliability of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

Scope: This recommended practice describes how to determine the impact of preventive maintenance on the reliability of industrial and commercial power systems. It is likely to be of greatest value to the power-oriented engineer with limited experience in the area of reliability. It can also be an aid to all engineers responsible for the electrical design of industrial and commercial power systems.

Link to the P3006.3 PAR: https://development.standards.ieee.org/get-file/P3006.3.pdf?t=80627900003


Title: P3006.8 Recommended Practice for Analyzing Reliability Data for Equipment Used in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

Scope:  This recommended practice describes how to analyze reliability data for equipment used in industrial and commercial power systems. Equipment reliability data collected over the years is presented. This is followed by a discussion of key equipment reliability metrics such as failure rate, downtime to repair in hours per failure, and probability of starting (operating).

Link to the P3006.8 PAR: https://development.standards.ieee.org/get-file/P3006.8.pdf?t=41056400003


Link to the Sponsor Policies and Procedures: http://standards.ieee.org/about/sasb/audcom/pnp/IAS_TBCC.pdf

WG Officers

Robert Arno, rarno01@harris.com

Vice Chair
Neal Dowling, dowling@mtechnology.net, nbdowling@ieee.org

Mike Simon, mike.simon@uwalumni.com

Staff Liason
Pat Roder, p.roder@ieee.org