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Title: Standard for the Process of Identifying and Rating the Trustworthiness of News Sources

Scope:  This standard provides semi-autonomous processes using standards to create and maintain news purveyor ratings for purposes of public awareness. It standardizes processes to identify and rate the factual accuracy of news stories in order to produce a rating of online news purveyors and the online portion of multimedia news purveyors. This process will be used to produce truthfulness scorecards through multi-faceted and multi-sourced approaches. The standard defines an algorithm using open source software and a score card rating system as methodology for rating trustworthiness as a core tenant in an effort to establish trust and acceptance.

Purpose: The purpose of the standard is to address the negative impacts of the unchecked proliferation of fake news by providing an open system of easy-to-understand ratings. In so doing, it shall assist in the restoration of trust in some purveyors, appropriately discredit other purveyors, provide a disincentive for the publication of fake news, and promote a path of improvement for purveyors wishing to do so. The standards shall target a representative sample set of news stories in order to provide a meaningful and accurate rating scorecard.

Need for the Project: Currently, no standardized method for evaluating truthfulness in internet news publications exists. Consumer are (unrealistically) expected to act as researchers in order to evaluate this essential quality of news and information. This has resulted in the proliferation of fake news, misinformation, and civil discord. Establishment of this standard will work to institutionalize an open, unbiased system for scoring and rating of news purveyors for the betterment of the public good.

Stakeholders for the Standard: News Media, Internet Search, Social Media, Online Advertising, software engineers, open source
community, general consumers, website developers.

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