Title: P1876 – Networked Smart Learning for Online Laboratories

Scope: This standard defines methods for storing and retrieving learning objects for remote laboratories. The standard will also define methods for linking learning objects to design and implement smart learning environments for remote online laboratories. These objects are, for example, interfaces for devices connected to user computers over computers networks and the devices themselves. They are also learning scenarios or collaboration tools for communications necessary to conduct an activity of practical online laboratory work; to design and implement mechanisms that make smart learning environment formed by the ad hoc aggregation of learning objects taking into account the pedagogical context for their use.




P1876(tm) IEEE Education Society working group members that got their PhD during the standard devbelopment period (2011-2019)

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WG Officers

Hamadou Saliah-Hassane [hsaliah at ieee.org]

Vice Chair
Luis Felipe Zapata Rivera [l.f.zapatarivera at ieee.org]

Janusz Zalewski [zalewski at fgcu.edu]

Technical Editor
John Shockey [john.shockley at arm.com]