Position Name Affiliation Email Address
Section Chair Dr. Mohammad AlMuhaini KFUPM
Vice-Chair for Industrial Relations Eng. Saleh AlAmri GCCELAB
Vice-Chair for Professional Activities Dr. Mohammad AlGhamdi Saudi Aramco
Secretary Eng, Abdulaziz AlTalhi Saudi Aramco
Treasurer Mr. Jaafar Ibrahim Saudi Aramco
Educational Activities and Conferences Dr. Ibrahim Elamin KFUPM
PR and Publicity – Chair Eng. Faisal Yamni GCCELAB
PR and Publicity – Vice Chair
Past Chair Mr. Mohammad Dhamen Huawei
Professional Activities
Industrial Relations Dr. Hussain Bin Ali Saudi Aramco
Student Activities
Ms. Maiys AlDoghan KFU
Membership Development Mr. Abdullah Yousef Saudi Aramco
WIE and YP
Webmaster Mr. MT Kalathil Saudi Aramco


For any inquiries or questions regarding the section, please contact

Mohammad AlMuhaini – Section Chair, 0551098980