Student Chapters

Currently, there are nine (9) Active IEEE Student Chapters in Saudi Arabia.

1. Jubail Industrial College SB (STB04611)

2. King Fahd Univ Of Petroleum And Minerals SB (STB99531website:

3. King Faisal University SB (STB10381)

4. King Saud Univ College of Business Administration MIS SB (STB05381)
5. King Saud University SB (STB12491)

6. King Saud Univ SB (STB12691)

7. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Univ Men’s Campus SB (STB10371)

8. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University SB (STB98311)
9. Prince Sultan University (STB03931)

10. Qassim University (STB18701)