Branch Counselor:  Dr Navin Kumar, Associate Professor, ECE Dept






He serves as an Associate Professor at the department of ECE, Amrita School of Engineering. With a PhD and ME under his belt, his core research interests include wireless mobile communication networks, visible light communication, intelligent transportation systems and heterogeneous networks.

Faculty Co Advisor:  Ms Sreebha Bhaskaran, Assistant Professor, CSE Dept.






PES & IAS, WIE Faculty Advisor: Dr Deepa K, EEE Dept.






RAS SBC Faculty Advisor: Nippun AA, CSE Dept.






PELS SBC Faculty Advisor: Ms Mini Sujit, EEE Dept.






ComSoc SBC Faculty Advisor: Mr Sagar B, ECE Dept.









Student Branch Core:


Chairperson: Aaryan Oberoi, 3rd year, ECE






A fourth year student pursuing his B-Tech in ECE, has acute passion for robotics, Computer Vision, Internet of Things for humanitarian application and also has immense interest in Adobe Creative Suite.

Web Development Chairperson: Aravind V. Nair, 2nd year, CSE ( (

Aravind V Nair

A sophomore pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, Aravind V. Nair has enormous passion for coding and web development. He also has a great zeal in server management and ethical hacking.

Membership Drive Chair: Kumar Akshay, 2nd year, ECE

Kumar Akshay

Akshay, a sophomore pursuing his B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, is enthusiastic about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and is fascinated with signal processing.


Executive Members:

Abhishek Sai, 2nd year, CSE (

A sophomore pursuing his B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, Abhishek loves to dapple with different programming languages and is a keen web developer.
Abhinay Krishna, 2nd year, CSE (
A sophomore pursuing his B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering has immense interest in photography, web design and development. He also has an ardour for networking on social media.
Anusha S, 2nd year, ECE (

Currently in her sophomore year of B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering, Anusha enjoys analysing circuits, and her interests include digital electronics and communication engineering.