• Procedures for Organising a Program

    • Program is planned well in advance, before 2 or 3 months of the program
    • Recourse person is contacted as early as possible and remind him/her constantly such that they will be there on time
    • Poster invitations are designed and published in the notice board
    • Plane about the expected expenditure of the program and decide about the registration fee accordingly
    • Registration forms are created and publicised
    • The venue of the program is decided according to the number of participants and the facilities required for the program
    • Schedule of the programme is then planed, documented and mailed to the participants as a confirmation of the registration

Planning of arrangements for the day (2 or 3 days before the program)

  • Clean the hall where the event is to be organized
  • Microphone and projector should be set properly
  • Generator should be hired if there is problem of frequent power cut
  • Inaugural lamp should be arranged
  • Basic office stationary should be hired for arranging the program hall
  • Volunteers should be selected for taking photographs of the event
  • Refreshments must be arranged (snacks, water, cup and saucer, tray.. etc)
  • Arrange for memento for the guests

Planning for the presentation of the event (1 day before the event)

  • Volunteers should be chosen for
  1. Registration desk
  2. Welcome speech
  3. Proposing the code of ethics
  4. Vote of thanks
  • Time slots for welcome speech, inauguration, presidential address, felicitation of gusts and vote of thanks should be arranged properly and the maximum time should me effectively utilized for the sessions by the recourse person

After the program

  • Income and expenditure of the program should be correctly calculated. The report of the program and a finance report is  then created
  • The report has to be submitted to the authorities on time.
Procedures for organizing a program

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