​​Hey young moulding engineers out there…..​​

IEEE SB CEAL is here with its mega event ​MEGENT 1.0​  with an intention of sparking an interest in technology and passion.

A flurry of  workshops based on riveting topics like  :

▪ Blender 3D Animation
▪ Haptics Robotic Arm
▪ Home Automation
▪ Drone(Quadcopter)

The two day event will be on 26th and 27th of January 2018​.

Workshop fee (can enter in any one of 4 workshops):

INR 1200(For non IEEE Members)
INR 900(For IEEE Members)

Registration Link:



📲 Sooraj P S :  +91 95444 86561
📲Govind R :  +91 9544176251

“A bird cannot fly with one wing nor can develop oneself further without active participation. So tech wizards fasten yourself and grab your  seats.”

*An additional amount of INR 200 will be charged for accommodation

Megent 1.0

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