2. IEEE Circuit-IX, The Circuit Designing Competition

In this economic world one can’t just simply start making things. So solid modeling is the most vital tool as well as the first step to the solution to the design problem. The aim of this competition is to judge the problem solving skills of the students. We except that participant have a good understanding of the basic circuit designing concepts. The competition is divided into two rounds, one is written and the other one is practical hardware based.

Event Overview:

The event will comprise teams competing against each other to determine the best

circuit designing mind. The participants will use common gate ICs like AND, OR,

and NOT to prove their circuit designing skills and abilities. The event will be based

on two rounds i.e. the Written and Practical.  In the first round, the participants will

create a document consisting of Truth Table, K-Map, Boolean Equation and Circuit Diagram.  In the second round, the participants will make the circuit on Proteus for simulation and hardware to verify the simulation.


  • Providing a platform for the circuit designers to show their abilities.
  • Building confidence amongst Engineers to compete.
  • Spreading awareness about advance level circuit designing.
  • Advancing the knowledge and expertise as indicated by continuing education, advanced degrees, and/or professional registration.
  • Recognizing of the need for, and an ability to engage in, life-long learning.
  • Improving the ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern circuit designing tools necessary for circuit designing practice

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each team will consist at most of 2 members.
  • Participants should know the basic Gates and some common ICs.
  • Team with highest cumulative points will be declared as winner team.
  • In case of tie between multiple teams, time of completion will be considered
  • as judging criteria.
  • Use of books, notes, phones, or the Internet is prohibited, so as to ensure a
  • fair competition.
  • In case of cheating, the perpetrators will be disqualified.
  • Zero tolerance would be shown to mocking and vulgarity.
  • In case of load shedding, extra time will be provided but if a team will not save the necessary files, event management team will not be responsible for it.
  • In case of any technical issue, a substitute source will be provided.


  • Proteus ISIS


  • AND gate ICs
  • OR gate ICs
  • NOT gate ICs
  • LEDs
  • Bread Boards
  • Multi-meters


  • 1 hour for each round (2 hours)

 IEEE Circuit-IX, The Circuit Designing Competition