3. IEEE e-Gaming Competitions

This is the competition for Gaming freaks, its warfare between individuals that cannot accept defeat, champions of their expanse ad unbeatable in their game that’s considered a forte. The games for this competition is:

  1. Counter Strike (CS)
  2. FIFA


Tournaments are about more than just winning. They are an opportunity to meet people from different cities and different walks of life who share the passion for the game. They also serve as meeting grounds where you can finally hang out with friends from hundreds of miles away. Nevertheless, a major part of tournaments is about determining an eventual champion. We all have a competitive spirit within us; otherwise we wouldn’t be attending tournaments in the first place. As the stakes are raised, so is the pressure to perform.

This document is an attempt to strictly codify every rule that will be in effect at the tournament. Our goal is not to make things overly complicated, but rather to make sure everyone is treated fairly. In the event of a conflict, strict adherence to these rules will ensure that things don’t become personal and everyone can have a good time. All tournament competitors are responsible for knowing these rules in advance.


Counter Strike:

  1. Game Version: Counter Strike 1.6
  2. Players may bring their own mouse, keyboards, headphones, and other peripherals to simulate their own best playing environment (optional).
  3.  Tournament format: 5 vs. 5 (Team Play, 5 players per team)
  4. Number of rounds increases as the tournament progresses. Teams switch sides at the halfway mark (i.e., Terrorists play as CTs and CTs become Terrorists). This information will be announced before the start of each match.
  5. A limited amount of time will be give to configure the system to your liking.
  6. In the case of a tie after the regulation rounds end, 6 extra rounds will be played as tie breaker (3as Terrorist and 3 as Counter Terrorist).The first team to win 4 rounds wins the game.
  7.  Winning a round:
    1. Team that kills all the members of the opposition team wins the round.
    2. If Terrorists successfully bomb a base then they win the round.
    3. If bomb is successfully diffused then Counter terrorist wins the round.


General Game Settings:

  • Start money: $800
  • Spectator is off.
  • Map time: 5 Min
  • Freeze time: 5 sec
  • Buy time: 30 seconds
  • Friendly Fire: On
  • Map List: de_dust2, fy_pool_day, aim_headshot.




1.         Game Version: FIFA 13. Game mode: “KICK OFF”

2.         Controllers will be provided for this game. Personal controllers of the player will not be allowed.

3.         Tournament Format: 1 v 1 (Player Vs Player)

4.         The duration of each game depends on the stage of the tournament. For the initial rounds it will be 4 minutes a half, while it would be 5 minutes a half for the quarter finals and 6 minutes for the semifinal and final rounds. This information will be announced before the start of each match.

5.         Two minutes will be allotted to edit lineup ‘sand configure controls.

6.         Winning a match:

a. The player with the most number of goals wins the games.

b. All games will go to extra time and penalties in the result of a draw.

7.         The team can be changed at any stage of the competition.

8.         Classic XI and World X1 are not allowed.

9.         Custom formations are allowed but there is to be NO man marking tactics applied.

10.       Each player will be allowed a maximum of three pauses during the game of duration 30 seconds each. An additional one minute pause will be given when halftimeis reached. These pauses can be used by a player to access team management. However, a player can only pause the game if he’s having the ball possession.

11.       Coin must be tossed to decide which player gets to choose the home or away side.

12.       In case of a problem at the start of the match, such as confusing squad kits for the players, the match will be restarted if both the players agree.

13.       Recent online updates in squads will not be done.

14.       If a match result is disputed, the losing player must contact a volunteer immediately.

15.       No coaching allowed (i.e., people in the audience may not advise a player while playing).


General Game Settings:

1.         Injuries: On

2.         Offside: On

3.         Bookings: On

4.         Subs on bench: 7

5.         Stadium: FIWC12 Stadium

6.         Condition: Dry/Clear

7.         Time/Score display: On

8.         Camera: Tele

9.         Game Speed: Normal


Penalty for Unfair Play:

1.         Unfair Play: Use of any Cheat program

2.         Intentional disconnection

3.         Use of any settings exceeding standard and permitted settings

4.         If the match is disrupted due to unnecessary chatting, the player may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee’s sole discretion.

5.         Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, that player will be disqualified from the tournament.

6.         During the course of any match, the operations staff and/or referee may determine other actions to be unfair play at any time. Two warnings constitute being disqualified from the tournament.

7.         Giving out free wins to better an opposing team’s position is regarded as cheating and may result in both teams being banned from the competition.