4. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are very popular games. It will allow you to be a part of your own detective story where you can play the hero and save the day. Not only your technical skills but also your practical life skills will be put to test as solving this mystery will take you for everything you’ve got. Scenario will be given on spot with clues and hints, in which you to find out the treasure.

General Rules:

  • Coloured Label for each team (e.g. TEAM A, TEAM B etc.). A4 size printed pages which are going to be stick with tape at the back of each team member.
  • Google map of COMSATS is given to each team in printed form. Label will be mentioned on the map for the convenience of new students.
  • Start point is Front of B-block and starting time is 2pm.
  • Every destination will be different for each team from starting.
  • Alphabets of chosen word will be hidden with clues on the spot e.g. (Winner,W,I,N,N,E,R)
  • ¬†Every team would have to collect all alphabets of the chosen word.
  • After first destination every team will be headed towards next destination with having clue and assigned alphabet card.
  • First team will have to solve the clue to get information about the next destination.
  • Teams will revolve in a circle between destinations in equal distance but every team will be headed to different destination so that every team will get equal distance to cover, equal time to consume and equal opportunity to avail.
  • Every team will get there last clue on the spot where they began.
  • Team who will get last alphabet should have to submit their clues and alphabets to the given last point.
  • Clues will be hidden under the sealed envelope of their own team colour with alphabet.
  • Envelope will be hidden somewhere on the given destination and team will have to find it.
  • To open the envelope, regardless of their team colour will be prohibited and team will be disqualified without giving any kind of warning.
  • Each team will be accompanied by one of our IEEE ExCOM members who will make sure that the game is being played fair, teams are not using any external help and there is no chance of plagiarism but, they will not help any team in any kind of manner.
  • All members of the team must reach at the spot to get the next clue. Team will not be allowed to open the envelop for the next clue until all the members are present at the spot.
  • There is a lifeline in which if a team is unable to guess the clue then they can get help from our IEEE member or through helpline. But this will cost them in deduction of one point.
  • The team to complete the course first with maximum points will be considered as winner.
  • There is cash prize for the winning team and certificates.
  • No use of mobile phone is allowed if any member will involve in violation the team will disqualify from event.

Scavenger Hunt