JunkArt 3.0

Junk art competition is the brainchild of IEEE WIE CIIT Lahore branch. It is based on the idea that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. IEEE-WIE CIIT Lahore has heavily focused on going green and saving the planet from pollution by taking this small step in recycled art material competitions. Through this event we have not only aspired in bringing out the creative genius in our student demographic but also hope to generate awareness in the general public regarding environmental degradation and excessive waste materials disposal.The first edition of this competition took place in 2013 and took the whole campus by storm. The competition involves test of aesthetics and creativity of each team in recycling junk material provided to them by the organizers, which they are expected to turn into a work of art modeled after a special theme (also provided by the judges and organizers) till the end of the given time for the competition.

                                                        1 (40)1 (36)

                                                       ‘1 (31) 1 (25)

1 (24)    1 (19) 1 (20)

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