Meeting Minutes

General Meeting, Tuesday 10/25/2016 6:00PM – 6:30PM

Vending Machine

  • Vending Machine Progress Update (Jackson):
    • General overview on each role of team
    • Power supply team still on hold because we are still waiting on power specs
  • Funding(Brin):
    • IRA Funding for the project and other projects
    • Devoting some money to sending a few people with the vending machine to a competition and devoting money to future project


  • Gavin’s Matlab talks will be added
  • Parts inventory will be added

IEEE Useful Website Features(Emmanuel):

  • Cool things on the IEEE Website
    • Publications-> Standards
    • Education and Careers
    • IEEE Resume Lab – various formal letters and templates
    • Portfolio for writing
    • General Interview Questions and tips for how to conduct yourself
    • Job Market and Salaries

ECC Banquet(Brin)

  • Location is TBD
    Date: 29th April 2017


  • Rising Stars (1/2- 1/4) 2017
  • Contact to suggest a conference you found on the ieee website
  • IEEE Social Events
    • Ideas on social events such as
      • local resturant
      • a member’s house
      • field trip to a engineering company/structure
      • outdoor activites


10/20/16 Officer Meeting
Updating the website and give access to officers
Social events
Preview Day for prospective EECE majors on third floor O’Connell and bring in some old projects to show

9/13/16 General meeting

It was a great first general meeting of the Fall 2016 semester. The president of our IEEE chapter, Brinley Owen, opened up with power point outlining upcoming events and what IEEE is about. I counted 17 attendees at the meeting. There are about 10 more MatLab presentations in the semester left.  Jackson is taking the lead on the vending machine project. A signup sheet was presented at the meeting for anyone interested.  Friday the 23rd is a Micro Mouse meeting. Tony came up to the floor and gave a good speech outlining HKN for everyone. HKN will be offering tutoring and giving younger EECE students a better perspective on what lower division coursework will be used for later in their college career.

-Daniel Wheeler, Secretary


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