IEEE Xtreme Coding Competion

We would like to congratulate all the participants who recently competed in the IEEE Xtreme Coding Challenge. Our chapter was able to put two teams together, and out of over 3500 teams from around the world, one team placed in the top third, and the second placed in the top half. Moving forward, we would like to be able to field a team or two. If anyone is interested in the challenge and would like to begin preparations for next year, come to our next general meeting!

Meeting Minutes 10/20/16

General Meeting, Tuesday 10/25/2016 6:00PM – 6:30PM

Vending Machine

  • Vending Machine Progress Update (Jackson):
    • General overview on each role of team
    • Power supply team still on hold because we are still waiting on power specs
  • Funding(Brin):
    • IRA Funding for the project and other projects
    • Devoting some money to sending a few people with the vending machine to a competition and devoting money to future project


  • Gavin’s Matlab talks will be added
  • Parts inventory will be added

IEEE Useful Website Features(Emmanuel):

  • Cool things on the IEEE Website
    • Publications-> Standards
    • Education and Careers
    • IEEE Resume Lab – various formal letters and templates
    • Portfolio for writing
    • General Interview Questions and tips for how to conduct yourself
    • Job Market and Salaries

ECC Banquet(Brin)

  • Location is TBD
    Date: 29th April 2017


  • Rising Stars (1/2- 1/4) 2017
  • Contact to suggest a conference you found on the ieee website
  • IEEE Social Events
    • Ideas on social events such as
      • local resturant
      • a member’s house
      • field trip to a engineering company/structure
      • outdoor activites