PCB Milling

Send an email with attached Gerber files to sb.mcmaster@ieee.org to have them milled. Cost and conditions applied.

Digikey Orders

We accepts Digikey orders and will submit a single order, once a week. This allows students to save money from the shipping fees.

Soldering Station

We have three soldering stations available for all students to use. Please check the station calendar for availability.

Free Components

We have boxes of parts that are free for you to pick up.

Electronics Kits

Now Ready for Pickup!

Capstone Rental

Rasberry Pi and Arduino rentals are ready for pick-up on October 15th


The McMaster IEEE Student Branch is a student group open to all students on the McMaster University campus. The Student Branch represents the IEEE, one of the largest international, technical, and professional associations. The Student Branch runs a number of courses and offers various technical services to students from all faculties and disciplines. There are two soldering stations available for use. We also offer PCB milling services and have oscilloscopes and function generators for all design and testing needs.

Find US

Office: ITB 141

Email: sb.mcmaster@ieee.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mcmasterIEEE/