Submitting Files

Send an email with attached Gerber files to to have them milled.


  • Single-sided boards: $2.00 per square inch
  • Double-sided boards: $2.50 per square inch

There is a minimum board order of $5. If orders are not over $5, multiple copies can be milled to compensate. Orders over $15 (single sided 7.5 sq. inch OR double sided 6 sq. inch) must be paid for prior to milling.

Trace Widths

The minimum trace width should be 10 mil (10 one-thousandths of an inch). We recommend a minimum of 12 mil.  In order to prevent issues with mirrored boards, add text to your board.

Inner Hole Diameter

The minimum hole inner diameter is 20 mil. The holes are not plated, the student branch does not provide the service of connecting layers on two-sided boards. Cut off leads of resistors usually work well in connecting the two layers.


The Student Branch no longer completes rub-outs as it is time consuming and quickly wears out bits. In most cases they are not required.