1. Today’s hacking workshop was very interesting.
    I request sivaprakash anna to conduct similar workshops regarding hacking.
    May I know your source of knowledge in hacking?

    • Thank you and Our IEEE-SB 29861 team will conduct similar & more intresting events in future
      Books written by Ethical Hackers and google is the major source of knowledge

  2. Todays workshop on Ethical Hacking was really informative. Without an ounce of boredom, it went really good. Thank you for conducting this informative workshop!

    • Thank you for support by IEEE-SB 29861 Team
      We are going to conduct that event once again on Friday
      so you can receive it by Saturday forgive us for the delay

  3. All the events which were conducted
    was very informative and innovative..:-)
    Looking for good events like those conducted so far…..

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