Past Events

Student Satelite Seminar by Dr. Meir Ariel, Director, NanoSatellite Cntre, The Tel Aviv University, Israel & Director, The Herzilya Science Centre, Israel.

4th September 2018


Friday, April 13, 2018 – 2:30 PM

Conference Room, New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. PrabhuKumar G.P, Emeritus Professor, New Horizon
College of Engineering.

It was graced by Dr. Srinivas Talabattula, Associate Professor – Department of ECE at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is an active volunteer of IEEE Bangalore Section, currently chapter co-ordination chair. He also chairs the IEEE COMSOC chapter Bangalore Section and secretary of IEEE photonics society chapter Bangalore Section. He has supported several IEEE society chapters and many IEEE student Branches in Bangalore Section. Along with Dr.Srinivas Talabattula, Heads, faculty members and students of various departments particularly Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Information Science Engineering and Computer Science Engineering were present at the meeting.

Dr. Srinivas Talabattula enlightened us with importance of students and faculty members being members of IEEE and other technical societies. He gave the students and the faculty members an insight about IEEE and its various benefits and activities conducted worldwide. He gave us an overview about the 39 societies and 7 councils. Along with that he also enlightened us with all the student support facilities that IEEE has such as financial support, Google groups, Interface with IEEE etc. He also explained about the fee details and the ‘Special Circumstances Discount’ that can be availed by the faculty. He also briefed us about all the activities such as Annual fests, technical lectures, workshops etc. that we can host in our college or attend elsewhere such as ‘Connect’ which is a International level event.

Dr. T. Srinivas addressing the team members in conference room-NHCE He informed us about the Open Access Journal where the author of the paper has to pay to publish while the reader may not. He also informed about the other opportunities for publishing papers where the author need not pay. He later continued to tell us about the IEEE Best Practices and IEEE Education Society. He also made sure to talk about the Women in Engineering Society and HKN Society. Lastly, he advised us on department level to purchase the journals published by IEEE, and advised to retain the cover page in the college library and also to reserve a notice board only for IEEE updates. Along with that he also briefed about the roles & responsibilities of all the student and faculty members of the student branch. The proposed Executive Committee for IEEE Student Branch -New Horizon College of Engineering (Branch code: STB66131, School code: A25307) for 2018-2019.

The meeting concluded with Vote of Thanks by the Branch Counselor Dr. Nisha K C R