Maze Solver (Challenge Your Intelligence)

Robotics and Automation Society Chapter of IEEE Student Branch at Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee has organized Maze Solver (Challenge Your Intelligence) on 20th April 2018. Maze Solver is an Artificial Intelligence based competition in which participants has made a simple bot equipped with surface sensing sensor, which will help the bot to find the path and solve the MAZE. The team whose bot will solve the maze efficiently and in lesser time will win. There were total 16 teams including 63 participants, participating in the event. Participants are required to make a bot not exceeding the dimensions of 16 × 16 cm. since the maze was composed of 20 × 20 cm. unit square. The winner of the event was team consisting of Mr. Koustav Banerjee, Mr. Debojyoti Basu, Mr. Gourav Chakladhar and Mr. Lalit Kumar. The runner up of the event was team consisting of Mr. Nishant Lodhi, Mr. Ashutosh Agarwal, Mr. Vivek Kumar and Mr. Chhotu Sharma.

Technology Enhancement Programme On Robotics (TEPR)

IEEE Student Branch at Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee has organized a two days Technology Enhancement Programme on Robotics (TEP – R) as its third event during 13th and 14th November 2017. The inauguration of the TEP – R was done by Dr. Gulshan Chauhan (Director, Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee), Er. M. S. Gupta (Dean Academics, Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee), Mr. Raunak Gupta (Branch Counselor, IEEE Student Branch), Mr. Mohd. Furqan Khan (Manager, KVCH, Noida) and Mr. Uma Shanker Yadav (Sr. Research Engineer, KVCH, Noida). Mr. Uma Shankar Yadav, Sr. Research Engineer from KVCH Noida told the participants about the components being used in making the robot. Students learned the robotics through the hands on practical session during TEP – R. They worked on various algorithms like Line Follower Robot, Edge Follower Robot etc. during TEP – R. During the last session of the TEP – R, A quiz was held to assess the knowledge of the participants and top 6 participants were given the Certificate of Merit. There were total 31 registered participants for the TEP – R.


IEEE Student Branch at Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee has organized a debate competition on theme “Are We Messing up with the Nature in the name of development” on the occasion of IEEE Day 2017 on October 6, 2017. IEEE Day marks a very important event in the history of IEEE Community. It was celebrated for the first time in history when engineers worldwide and IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884.  IEEE Day’s theme is: “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow”.There were total 20 teams participated in the debate competition. Each team was having 2 members. After the preliminary round only 8 teams qualified for the final round of the event. The winner and runner up was awarded with the prizes and certificates. There was a surprise quiz and some gifts as well for the audience.

Symposium on 3D Printing and Allied Technologies

IEEE Student Branch at Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee has organized a two days Symposium on 3D Printing and Allied Technologies as its debut event during 21st and 22nd April 2017. The inaugural keynote speaker of the event Dr. Arun K. Lall presented his address on Product Development and Rapid Prototyping. He aware all the participants about the benefits of rapid prototyping and its associated techniques. He tells the participants about the various RP techniques such as Stereo Lithography, laminated Object Manufacturing, Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modeling, Solid Ground Curing, 3D Printing and Laser Engineered Net Shaping. During the symposium Er. Ramnath Bhat makes the participants familiar with the technical and practical aspects of 3D printing. He had also printed few of the selected designs made by the participants during the symposium. There were total 29 registered delegates for the symposium. After the symposium, an offline exam was conducted by the Skyfi Education Labs Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru and on the basis of this exam they had provided the top 10 participants with distinction certificate.

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