Electric Van


In May 2012 RIT was approached by a local entrepreneur who was interested in donating a conversion van he had converted into a 100 percent electric vehicle.  The van had sustained damage and was not operational however the owner believed it was well within RIT’s means to restore.

Due to a lack of storage and work space, the college of engineering was unable to accept this gift, but IEEE found out and saw great potential not only for what is was, but also an invaluable learning tool for its members and the institute.

IEEE came to an agreement with RIT’s Facility Management Services (FMS) who expressed interest in the zero emission transportation system.   FMS had the resources and IEEE had the knowledge and willingness to take on this project.

The van conversion was executed in the UK by a company specializing in the area but when the van was delivered to RIT it was without documentation.  The project has begun with exploration into the components and layout of these components in the van due to the lack of documentation.

While IEEE initialized the partnership with FMS we believe every student interested should have the ability to participate in working on this project and get the full benefit of this rare learning tool.  In an effort to keep these students and those who want to know more about the van informed, all the information that is found throughout the course of this project will be posted on this website.

If you are interested in getting involved send us an email, our contact information can be found to the left.  As mentioned before, this project is not limited to IEEE members and we encourage students from all disciplines who are interested to contact us.

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