National Instruments FPGA Workshop

Do you have a design project in your future that will require the ability to make measurements or develop a control system? Are you part of an engineering challenge team and feel like you are spending more time learning the tools than you are accomplishing your task? Are you interested in some of the newest technologies like FPGAs but not sure how to get started?

If this describes a situation you are currently experiencing, or something coming up in the future such as a senior design project, then please join the RIT IEEE Chapter and National Instruments for a technical symposium on the newest trends in measurement and automation and learn how you can be up and running with these new technologies quickly.

This one-hour session will include demonstrations, tutorials, and discussions on some of the newest tools that engineering students are using to become the next great innovators.  Arrive hungry for both knowledge and food.

  • Pizza and beverages will be served.
  • Thursday, April 24, 2014, 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.
  • Building 9, Room 2030

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Cypress PSoC 4

Patrick Kane, the Director of Cypress University Allience will introduce the PSoC4 and demonstrate its capabilities to us.  He will also show go through several example applications.  Be sure to register before hand at  Laptops are needed to perform the labs.

  • Free pizza, soda and PSoC4 development boards.
  • April 4th 2014 from 5PM to 6PM
  • RIT, Building 9, Room 1139

Tenrehte Presentation

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Meeting/Presentaion begins at 1:02pm
• Jennifer Indovina
• Founder of the company Tenrehte
• Graduated from RIT in 2007
• Went onto get a job in China, worked on making chips in mp3 player
• Laid off later that year due to the company downsizing
• Went to Kenya afterwards
• Became interested in power management/electonics in Kenya, when seeing solar panels at a hotel
• In 10 years the earth will be 4x brighter at night, great opportunity there
• Saw the opportunity/application in power electronics in Kenya
• Came back and built prototypes internet outlet adapter – picowatt smart plug
• Competition iStage – presented her product in 2009
• Won best of CES for the most green product of the year in 2010
• Began work on next generation prototype to work on entire house or smart grid installation
• Make electricity cheaper and more efficient with picowatt
• Make it able for green energy be able for use at home ex: windmills, solar panels etc…
Presentation ends at 1:18