Tenrehte Presentation

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Meeting/Presentaion begins at 1:02pm
• Jennifer Indovina
• Founder of the company Tenrehte
• Graduated from RIT in 2007
• Went onto get a job in China, worked on making chips in mp3 player
• Laid off later that year due to the company downsizing
• Went to Kenya afterwards
• Became interested in power management/electonics in Kenya, when seeing solar panels at a hotel
• In 10 years the earth will be 4x brighter at night, great opportunity there
• Saw the opportunity/application in power electronics in Kenya
• Came back and built prototypes internet outlet adapter – picowatt smart plug
• Competition iStage – presented her product in 2009
• Won best of CES for the most green product of the year in 2010
• Began work on next generation prototype to work on entire house or smart grid installation
• Make electricity cheaper and more efficient with picowatt
• Make it able for green energy be able for use at home ex: windmills, solar panels etc…
Presentation ends at 1:18

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