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Intel's View of the Chiplet Revolution

Ramune Nagisetty is helping Intel establish its place in a new industry ecosystem centered on chiplets

Chiplets are a way to make systems that perform a lot like they are all one chip, despite actually being composed of several smaller chips. They’re widely seen as one part of the computing industry’s plan to keep systems performing better and better despite the fact that traditional Moore’s Law scaling is nearing its end. Proponents say the benefits will include more easily-specialized systems and higher yield, among other things. But more importantly, they might lead to a big shift in the fabless semiconductor industry, where the targeted end-product might become a small, specialized chiplet meant to be combined in the same package with both a general purpose processor and many others specialty chiplets. Ramune Nagisetty, a principal engineer and director of process and product integration at Intel’s technology development group in Oregon, has been working to help develop an industry-wide chiplet ecosystem. She told IEEE Spectrum about that and the Intel technologies involved on 21 March 2019. 

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