Machine Vision In Industry

Location: in room 2103 Center of Engineering Innovation

Date: July 5, 2017

Michael Sirizzotti, co-owner of Vista Solutions Inc. and University of Windsor Alumni presented at the University on Wednesday, July 5th. The main topic was Machine Vision and its applications in the industrial world of manufacturing, quality assurance, production improvement, and other niche vision applications.

From inspection of labels glued onto glass jars from our favourite taco sauces, the assembly of Oreos, printed labels on medication, designer glasses and large cast metal parts; machine vision is used widely in numerous fields of manufacturing.  Sometimes solutions only require a single camera and some processing power, but other more complicated problems need solutions that involve 3D scanning using lasers and cameras working together to determine the dimensions and characteristics of volumetric objects.

The major advantages of using machine vision in the world of manufacturing and production is the reduction of cost in manufacturing, and the reduction of waste. Some examples were given of companies that could save several hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by using machine vision techniques to improve quality assurance. Using machine vision, defects can be caught early in the process, rather than percolating down the assembly procedure and causing problems that could back up production and cost companies lots of time and money.

On behalf of The University of Windsor and the IEEE Student branch, we would like to thank Mr. Sirizzotti for his interactive and informative presentation on one of the worlds most engaging and growing fields in manufacturing and production.

A total of 20 people attended this event.

For more information on Vista Solutions Inc. please use the following link to access their website:


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