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IEEE EDS April Seminar

Title: Using new physics of nonlinear electronics for analog computing

Speaker: Dr. Suhas Kumar, HP Lab

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 6:00PM
Texas Instruments Conference Center
2900 Semiconductor Dr, Building E, Santa Clara, CA 95051


There is growing interest for nonlinear electronic behaviors that may enable analog computing such as brain-like neuromorphic computing, which cannot be efficiently achieved using any traditional transistor-based circuits. Nonlinear electronic components, such as memristors and neuristors, which can emulate synapses and neurons, are enabled by device physics that are barely understood. This talk will summarize some new materials physics that have enabled new device behaviors. And the talk will also highlight how the new device behaviors can enable certain analog neural network hardware for NP-hard combinatorial optimization, which cannot be implemented with any practical efficiency using traditional digital electronics.

Speaker Biography
Suhas Kumar is a Research Scientist at Hewlett Packard Labs and a Senior Member of IEEE, who currently leads research efforts into nonlinear electronic devices and their applications in analog computing. He received a PhD from Stanford University in 2013. His research into nanoelectronics has resulted in dozens of scientific publications and patents, and was acknowledged by the Klein Scientific Development Award in 2017.


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