IEEE SFBA MEMS & Sensors Chapter



The MEMS and Sensors Chapter is run by volunteers organized as Officers (elected every year), Program Committee, and Advisory Board.  If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to

Executive Committee:
Chair: Dr. Hadi Najar, MEMS Technologist, Texas Instruments, Inc.
Vice-Chair: Dr. Frank Zee, Principle Engineer, ElectrIQ Power
Secretary: Dr. Jeronimo Segovia, MEMS Technologist, Texas Instruments, Inc.
Treasurer: Dr. Changting Xu, Member of Technical Staff, Qualcomm Inc.
Founder and Emeritus Chair: Dr. Ramesh Ramadoss, President & CEO, IoT Technologies Inc.
Workshop Chair: Mr. Brent Lunceford, Advanced Product Development, 3M.

Program Committee: 
Dr. Patricia Beck, Principal Engineer, Thin Films Electronics Inc.
Dr. Yipeng Lu, Senior Engineer, Qualcomm
Dr. John Lee, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, San José State University
Ms. Amber Sun, Senior Engineer, Qualcomm Inc.
Dr. Ningning Zhou, Staff Engineer, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies.
Dr. Tom Kwa, MEMS Consultant, Kwamems
Dr. Kirt Williams, MEMS Design Manager, mCube Inc.
Dr. Ernest Yang, MEMS Technologist, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Advisory Committee:
Dr. Ramesh Ramadoss, Technical Director, IoT Technologies Inc.
Mr. Gene Burk, Consultant, IMT Inc.
Dr. Leslie Field, Founder, SmallTech Consulting LLC.
Dr. Mary Ann Maher, President, SoftMEMS Inc.
Dr. Jim Knutti, President/CEO, Acuity Inc.
Dr. Kurt Petersen, President, KP-MEMS Inc.