August 13, 2008wp689d61f7 

Solar Power: Venture Capital and Growing Solar to Utility Scale

Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media

Analyst at Large, Author of the Venture Power Report


September 10, 2008 wp508d71bc

Is Solar Thermal the Answer?

Charles H. Ricker, BrightSource Energy, Inc.

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development


October 8, 2008 

High-Efficiency CIGS Thin-Film Solar Cells: Highlights and Challenges

Rommel Noufi, PhD, SoloPower, Inc.

Vice President of Research


November 12, 2008 wp79c3a12c

Small Solar Growing Big

Ben Tarbell, SolarCity

Director of Products


December 10, 2008 wp9f44d723 wp6a3efbc9-1

Bringing PV to Market –Want to Make a Federal Case of it?

John Benner, NREL, National Center of Photovoltaic

Manger, PV Industry Partnerships