January 14, 2009 wpa83be06b

Towards Meeting the Terawatt Challenge

Bob MacDonald, CEO

Skyline Solar, Inc.


February 11, 2009 wp39f5dc52

Utility Leadership and Solar

Chuck Hornbrook, PG&E

Senior Manager of PG&E

Solar and Customer Generation Group


March 11, 2009 wp674ec65f

Review of Photovoltaic Energy Production Using CdTe Thin Film Modules

Tim Gessert, NREL Principal Scientist,

Group Manager of Polycrystalline Thin Film PV Research


April 8, 2009 wpe6603fe3

SolarTech – Streamlining the Solar Value Chain

Doug Payne, SolarTech

Interim Executive Director


May 13, 2009     

Transforming Solar Installation with New Inverters and New Electronics

Eric Wesoff, Analyst at Large, GreentechMedia

Martin Fornage, Co-founder, Chief

Technology Officer, Enphase Energy

Jeff Krisa, Vice President, Marketing

and Sales, Tigo Energy

Slides – Eric Wesoff

Slides – Martin Fornage

Slides – Jeff Krisa


June 10, 2009 wpa94163fb 

Shade Matters

Peter Hoberg, Solmetric

VP of Sales and Marketing


July 8, 2009 wpcab6f317

Solar for All- Including Renters and Condo Owners

Bruce Karney, Solar Photovoltaic

Marketing and Finance Consultant

Linked In – Bruce Karney

(A proposal by Bruce Karney for Assembly Member Paul Fong)


August 12, 2009

Electric Energy Storage: An Essential Asset in the Smart Grid

Dan Raster, EPRI

Technical Leader, Energy Storage and Distributed Generation Programs

seminar blog by Eric Wesoff


September 9, 2009

Technology and Economics of High-Efficiency Silicon Photovoltaics

Doug Rose, SunPower Corp.

Senior Director, Technology Strategy

seminar blog by Eric Wesoff


October 14, 2009 wpfe8901f0

Ultra-Low-Cost Solar Electricity

Martin Roscheisen, Nanosolar, CEO

seminar blog by Eric Wesoff


November 4, 2009 wp59ee186a

Lasing on a sunny afternoon: from Einstein to Bell Labs to next-gen solar cells!

Finlay Colville, Coherent Inc.

Director of Solar Marketing


December 16, 2009 wp6aebe9bf_06

The PV Solar Market –Sustainable Recovery or Short-Term Blip?

James Hines, Gartner Inc.

Research Director