January 13, 2010 wpe002a833

Approaches to lowering the cost of solar energy conversion

Prof. Peter Peumans, Stanford

University Deputy Director, Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics

Peumans Research Group

seminar blog by Eric Wesoff


February 10, 2010 wpb57c1e77 

Increasing Power of PV through Standards, Roadmaps, EHS, and Partnerships

Bettina Weiss, SEMI/PV Group

Sr. Director, Photovoltaics

seminar blog by Eric Wesoff


March 10, 2010   wp83e246b9

Innovative Entrepreneurs in Downstream Photovoltaics

Eric Wesoff, Analyst at Large, GreentechMedia – moderator

Cliff Staton, VP Marketing (Renewable Funding)

Gary Kremen, Chairman and Founder (Clean Power Finance)

Mark Goldman, CEO (Armageddon Energy)

slides -Cliff Staton

slides -Gary Kremen

slides -Mark Goldman


April 14, 2010 wpf7433bcd

Comprehensive Feed-In Tariffs: Delivering Environmental Sustainability and Economic Leadership

Ted Ko, FIT Coalition (Associate Executive Director)

& Craig Lewis, RightCycle &

FIT Coalition (Founding Principal)

seminar blog by Eric Wesoff


May 26, 2010 wp304e9db8

Why the New Solar World is Flat

Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media

(Senior Analyst)

& Andrew Beebe, Suntech

Power (VP Global Product Strategy)


June 16, 2010 wp60bb7ceb-1

Energy Storage and Solar Power -The Crucial Role of Storage in Enabling Renewable Energy

Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media (Senior Analyst)

Craig Horne, EnerVault (CEO)

Haresh Kamath, EPRI (Strategic

Program Manager)

David MacMillan,Megawatt Storage

Farms (President and Founder)


July 21, 2010

SolFocus Concentrator  Photovoltaics – An Introduction

Phil Metz, SolFocus, Inc.

Director of Business Development



August 18, 2010 wp10973af3


Peter Tanner, Areva Solar

Manager of Controls Engineering


September 15, 2010 wpe911ded1

Investing in Solar: The New Challenges

Eric Wesoff, Senior Analyst, Greentech Media moderator

Kelsey Lynn, Principal, Firelake Capital

Abe Yokell, Principal, Rockport Capital

Dan Rubin, General Partner,  Alloy  Ventures


November 10, 2010 wpdf0523d7

Solar Thermal Hybrid Applications

Cara Libby, EPRI

Project Manager

seminar blog by Eric Wesoff


December 8, 2010 wpba9ed0f4

Combined Heat and Light Solar Conversion via Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission

Nick Melosh, Stanford University

Professor, Materials Science & Engineering