January 12, 2011 wpdaf56991

Solaria: Bringing New Technology to the Solar Market

Kevin Gibson, Solaria


seminar blog by Eric Wesoff


February 9, 2011 brian_bartholomeusz.png

AQT and CIGS 2.0 – An alternative approach to thin-film photovoltaics

Brian Bartholomeusz, AQT Solar

Vice President of Corporate Strategy and co-founder


March 9, 2011  

Solar in the Real World: Challenges and Opportunities

Steven Smith, Founder and Principal, Solvida Energy Group

Ty Jagerson, President, Helio Power

seminar blog by Eric Wesoff


April 13, 2011

The Nuclear Imperative –The Truth About Nuclear Power

Dr. Jeff W. Eerkens, Adjunct

Research Professor, Nuclear Science and Engineering,

Institute, University of Missouri – Columbia


May 11, 2011 wp21b386a5 

Solyndra – Commercial Rooftops and Beyond

Scott Dailey, Solyndra

Director of Product Management


June 8, 2011

Solar State of the Union – PV, CSP, and CPV

Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media

Senior Analyst / Solar Page

Editor at Greentech Media

July 20, 2011 wp71563cf6 wpa874bf72

From Factory to Field: Developing Utility-Scale PV Projects

Glen Davis, Agile Energy

CEO and Co-Founder


August 10, 2011 wpc54088d7

A roadmap to $0.50/Watt PV modules

Dave Pearce, NuvoSun, Inc.

President and CEO


September 14, 2011 wp4063acf1

The Consumerization of Energy

Craig Lawrence, SunEdison

VP of Products


October 12, 2011 wpa2cd5e40

How Streamlined Permitting will Allow Home Solar to Scale

Matt Eggers, SunRun

Vice President, Operations


November 9, 2011 wp4c1f8b9d

Solar Cogeneration – An Efficient Option for Producing Electricity and Hot Water

Gregory Ashley, Solar Frontier

North America, Vice President

and Chief Operating Officer


December 14, 2011 wp4eeb3b9c

Solar Cogeneration – An Efficient Option for Producing Electricity and Hot Water

Kate Sherwood, Cogenra Solar

Vice President of Sales