January 8, 2014  

Beyond Monitoring: Getting the Most out of Solar PV Plants

Saurabh Samdani, Cupertino Electric, Inc.

Project Development Engineer


February 12, 2014

Flexible, Thin Film CIGS and Applications in Premium Markets

Amit Kumar, Ascent Solar Technologies



March 12, 2014

PV Solar Power: How It Will Make a Difference

Dr. Charlie Gay


April 9, 2014 

Maturing Solar (PV) Technology in Need For a Face Lift – Time for PV 2.0

Zvi Alon, Tigo Energy

Chairman, CEO


April 30, 2014

Building on 37 Years of Progress – NREL’s Photovoltaic Research Program in 2014

Greg Wilson, NREL


May 14, 2014 lidjia_sekaric.jpg

The SunShot Initiative: Reducing the Total Cost of Solar-generated Electricity

Lidija Sekaric, US Dept. of Energy

Program Manager, SunShot Initiative,


June 11, 2014 wp08184fcd_05_06

Perspectives on Development and Commercialization of Early-State Distributed Energy Technologies

Dr. John Tuttle, ARPA-e

Senior Commercialization Advisor


August 13, 2014

The Solar Phoenix:  How America Can Rise from the Ashes of Solyndra to World Leadership in Solar 2.0

Brad Mattson, Siva Power



September 10, 2014 

Assessing the Value of Solar PV Energy

Alan Goodrich, SunEdison

Director of Strategic Planning


October 8, 2014 wp4b30f939_05_06 

State of Residential Solar in California

Randy Zechman, Clean Solar

CEO & Co-Founder


November 12, 2014 

The Evolution of the Global PV Industry, Its Technologies, Prices, Applications and Business Models

Paula Mints, SPV Market Research

Founder & Chief Market Research Analyst


December 10, 2014

Quality of PV Modules Around the World: Qualification Testing Failure Rate Results from China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea and United States

Matthias Heinze, TuV Rheinland

Director Business Development