February 10, 2016

Water Sourcing and Opportunities for Solar

Jeremy Theil, PhD

Director, Materials Development, Quantumscape

R&D Manager, First Solar

Senior Member of the IEEE

Treasurer, Silicon Valley Photovoltaic Society(SVPVS)


February 17, 2016Ric-Austria

Power Quality Impacts and Mitigation of Distributed Solar Power

Ric Austria

Principal, Pterra Consulting


April 19, 2016 mike-toney

Materials Studies of New High Efficiency Solar Absorbers

Mike Toney, Ph.D.

SLAC National Lab


May 11, 2016Navigant_Paula_Mints_web

Trends in the Solar PV Market: 2015 PV Industry Shipments

Paula Mints

SPV Market Research


June 15, 2016 Hsu

Peak Power Tracking Control for Photovoltaic Array

Ping Hsu, Ph.D.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

San Jose State University


September 21, 2016Colin-Bailie-headshot-cropped

Metal-halide perovskites: The next evolution in photovoltaics

Colin Bailie, Ph.D.

Iris PV

Palo Alto, CA


October 12, 2016 del-chiaro.com_

What the 2016 elections have in store for California’s solar energy market

Bernadette Del Chiaro


Sacramento, CA


November 9, 2016Martin_green_unsw

How did silicon solar cells get so cheap?

YouTube Video

Martin Green


Kensington, NSW, Australia