Upcoming Meetings

Saving the Corvette: A Case Study in Strategic Decision Making -- competition, declining sales, turn-around, highest accolades, learning from marketplace ...
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AMD Commons Building / AMD Campus, Sunnyvale
Protecting Inventions When Patent Protection Can No Longer Be Relied Upon — trade secrets, patents, recent issues, protection, enforcement, cross-licensing ...
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AMD Commons Building / AMD Campus, Sunnyvale

Cyber Security for Small Businesses and Consultants -- (IEEE-USA) - threats, managing risks, proactive approach, vendor-neutral architecture ...
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Most meetings begin with Networking at 6:00 PM, a Management Forum and Guided Networking at 6:30 PM, Dinner at 7:00 PM, and the main Presentation at 7:30 PM. See details for each individual meeting.

Upcoming Management Classes

Problem Solving and Decision Making -- evidence-based, collecting data, possible causes, best solution, validation, action plan, getting support ...
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Synopsys, Sunnyvale
Situational Leadership II -- flexibility, competence, commitment, partnering, handling disagreements, leadership styles ...
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Synopsys, Mountain View


Workshops, Conferences

Slides from Past Meetings

Applying Agile Beyond Software
AMD Commons Building AMD Campus, Sunnyvale, CA
The Origins of Silicon Valley: Why and How It Happened
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara
Agile Trends: Create a Self-Learning Organization
AMD Commons Building, Sunnyvale
Technical Staffing Pipeline: Process, Challenges, and Opportunities
AMD Commons Building, Sunnyvale

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