Applying Agile Beyond Software 🗓 🗺

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Speaker: Jeanne Bradford & John Carter, Principals, TCGen, Inc.
Presentation Slides: “Applying Agile Beyond Software” (15 MB PDF)
Meeting Date: Thursday, March 2, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm Networking; 6:30 pm Management Forum/Guided Networking;
          7:00 pm sandwich dinner; 7:30 pm Presentation
Earlybird: $12 IEEE members, $15 non-members; At the Door: $5 more
Location: AMD Commons Building / AMD Campus, Sunnyvale, CA

Management Forum / Guided Networking: Bring Your Management Challenge;
Arrive by 6:30 PM to join this exciting Management Forum. Following informal
networking is a guided discussion typically related to the topic of the evening’s
after dinner talk, or of general Technology Management interest.
Light Dinner: This month we’re continuing with our light dinner format
— typically sandwiches, salad, drinks, and cookie or similar light dinner.

Presentation: Applying Agile Beyond Software
The software industry has decisively demonstrated the benefits of Agile methodologies in accelerating product delivery and customer value. And in spite of these gains, those delivering tangible products, are still living in a waterfall world. There are certainly different challenges between software and tangible products, but there is also a lot to learn (and apply) from the success of Agile.

You’ll learn about how some of the most effective Agile methodologies can be adapted to help teams take on the “hardware-specific” challenges of supplier partnerships, component lead times, and material risk buys – all elements that some think can only be managed in a waterfall development framework.

Applying Agile beyond software is an emerging area in product development, and the teams that can figure it out first, will enjoy the competitive benefits of faster product delivery.

Speaker Bio:
Jeanne Bradford & John Carter are the founding principals of TCGen, a product innovation consulting firm based in Silicon Valley. They have worked with some of the industry’s most successful companies, including Apple, Cisco, Amazon, Dolby and HP, to accelerate product delivery. They are also the co-founders of “Innovate Products Faster: Graphical Tools for Accelerating Product Development””

With years of experience in leading Agile transformations, their most recent focus is in working with teams developing tangible products.

Jeanne and John are frequent industry speakers on the topics of product development best practices and the application of Agile methodologies for companies transitioning from a waterfall product development framework. They have presented to multiple groups on the topic of applying Agile methodologies beyond software including: IEEE International Technology Management Conference, Silicon Valley Program Management Institute Annual Symposium, SV Forum Engineering Leadership SIG, and the Scrum 4 Hardware Gathering.