Executive Committee

We welcome new volunteers wishing to help with the programs of the TEMS Chapter. The first four positions (below) are elected, and require membership in the IEEE and TEMS. Nominations for elected positions are accepted starting in September and Chapter elections are held in November. See officer duties.
We recommend TEMS membership to those filling any of the other appointed positions.

Position Name Affiliation
Chair Taylor Winship Taylor Winship PMI PMP

Charter Member, Silicon Valley Chapter of PMI

SCV Section Secretary (2017)

Vice Chair John Delaney John Delaney
Treasurer Richard Stallkamp Richard Stallkamp
Secretary Rafael Betancourt Rafael Betancourt
Program Chair John Delaney John Delaney
Volunteer Coordinator Taylor Winship Taylor Winship (acting) PMI PMP
Membership Chair Membership Chair(open — your photo here)
Volunteer / CxO Forum Michael Condry Michael Condry TEMS President (2017)

Intel (retired) / CTO, Global Ecosystem Development

Volunteer Steve Scandalis Steve Scandalis Technical Program Manager
Volunteer Oliver Yu Oliver Yu The STARS Group / President and CEO
Webmaster Ilya Ivanchenko Ilya Ivanchenko LensVector
e-Nsltr Editor / Educational Programs / Webmaster Paul Wesling Paul Wesling