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The IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) Santa Clara Valley / San Francisco / Oakland East Bay Joint Chapter is the Management Club for SF Bay Area technology and engineering managers.


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The professional group on engineering management was established under the Institute of Radio Engineers in 1951. This group became the Engineering Management Society (EMS) of the IEEE in 1955. In 2007, this became the IEEE Technology Management Council (TMC). Then in January 2015, it became the Technology Engineering and Management Society (TEMS).



  • To be the premier resource of essential management and leadership knowledge in the San Francisco Bay Area (Santa Clara Valley, San Francisco, and East Bay). We bring together the best practical and implementable information and experiences used by high technology companies in “Silicon Valley”.
  • Provide information to all levels and types of management in organizations, and the important contributors to these companies from the CEO to the high tech knowledge workers.
  • Examine issues with all companies, large and small and at all phases of maturity.
  • Provide interaction among engineers and technical managers.


  • Help the SF Bay Area IEEE members, and high technology workers, to grow and maintain essential high technology engineering management skills.
  • Enable the leadership career path of IEEE members in the SF Bay Area in all types and all levels of management.
  • Foster active practical and implementable knowledge transfer between the academic and practicing communities in the SF Bay Area.
  • Facilitate the above to be done in an atmosphere conducive to fun and excitement.


Bring educational opportunities that:

  • Increase the management effectiveness and career/professional development of our members and members of other SF Bay Area IEEE Chapters via partnerships with them.
  • Include helping our members and other local managers and technologists to advance their careers.
  • Are designed to assist conventional and high tech entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial teams to work effectively together.
  • Help develop the much needed “soft skills” for good management practices. This includes teaching our members and the broader community how to work with different, challenging, and multicultural personalities.
  • Help develop “hard technical skills”, to allow managers to provide superior insight, perspective, or control in their jobs.
  • Provide a place that has a sense of community and having fun at our meetings.