IEEE Seattle TEMS Chapter presentation!

March 12, 2019. 5:45pm at the Microsoft campus Building 99 room 1919.

Presenter: Mr. Samad Aidane

Fostering innovation through the power of neurodiversity!
As globalization continues to gain speed and strength, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to leadership is no longer sufficient to effectively engage an increasingly diverse, multicultural, and international array of project stakeholders. More than ever before, the capacity to lead innovation and transformation through harnessing the power of cultural diversity is becoming an increasingly important skill for individuals at all levels of the organization and especially at project and program leadership level. Drawing from the growing body of research in cognitive, social, and cultural neuroscience, the presentation will introduce a framework for understanding how culture shapes the brain and the core cultural dimensions that drive thoughts, emotions, and behavior in cross-cultural collaboration. The aim of the presentation is to move participants beyond the simple dos and don’ts of cultural awareness to a more sophisticated understanding of cultural differences and the key role that project and program managers play in fostering neurodiversity as a key enabler of innovation and competitive growth.
Learning Outcomes:
 Acquire a better understanding of how culture shapes the brain and how that affects our perceptions and communication
 Gain practical tips, techniques, and strategies for overcoming a variety of common challenges of engaging across cultures
 Learn to adapt your communication and leadership styles to the needs and demands of crosscultural environments
Samad Aidane


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