Students Branches

Student Branches are IEEE entities within a college or university. Student members are typically studying electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science or other allied engineering fields. The branches operate autonomously, but receive support from the Section in the form of some funding and the assistance of some members. Please check the activity page for volunteering opportunities, the student paper contest and other resources that could help further your engineering career.

DeVry University
Chair: Robert Danielle
Faculty Advisor: Mohamed Zerrouki

DigiPen Institute of Technology
President: Ethan Knoll
Vice-President: Ben Nolan
Treasurer: Keith Tompkins
Secretary: Tyler McGrew
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Thomas

Seattle Pacific University
Chair: Omar Alumhanna
Vice Chair: Salomon Meza
Treasurer: Nathan Anderson
Secretary: Paige DeAndre
Webmaster:  Tyler Wadekamper
Faculty Advisor: Don Peter

Seattle University
Chair 1:
Maria Molina
Chair 2:
Mahekdeep Singh
Chair 3:
Mirka Mandich
Faculty Advisor:
Al Moser

Washington State University
Chair: Douglas Yamamoto
Vice Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Michael Wazir
Secretary: LaRei Branham
Public Relations Officer: 
Lindsey Major Faculty Advisor:  Jacob Murray


University of Washington
Chair: Brian Baleva
Chair Emeritus:
Christina Chung
Vice-Chair: Jia Wen Chan
Treasurer: Olivia Nelson
Secretary:  Jia Wen Chan
Event Planner:  Shicon Wen                                          Chair WIE: Niveditha Kalavakonda                            Membership Director: Trinh Ha                            Corporate Relations: Sachi Verma, Mayoore Jaiswal   Public Relations Manager:  Michael Kwong
Webmaster: Tinnabhand Patana-anake
Faculty Advisor:  Linda Bushnell

University of Washington Bothell
Chair: Hayden Jones
Vice Chair: Jesslyn Budiman
Treasurer: Nourhan El Zarif
Secretary: Matt Wallig
Public Relations:
Ali Traore

Western Washington University
Chair: Riley Murray
Vice Chair:
Nolan Uhrich
Treasurer: Kurt Loomis
Secretary: Mitchell Overdick

IEEE OES (IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society) WWU
Chair: Quae Atwood                                                             Vice Chair: Kyle DeWitte                                       Treasurer: Cole Rogers                                           Secretary: Jennifer Ngo                                                Faculty Advisor: Ying Lin

Eastern Washington University(Seattle)/North Seattle Community College
Student Chair: Peter Van Hoomissen
Vice chair: Ali Aslam
Secretary: Steve Tang
Treasurer: Danny Sangha
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Jabulani Nyathi

IEEE Seattle Section Student Activities
Chair: Dong Yu