Volunteer Portal

Welcome to the IEEE Southeastern Michigan Section “Volunteer Portal”.

Volunteer activities provide opportunities for skill development in those critical ‘non-technical’ areas that can make or break an engineering career.  In addition, they can expand your network, help with team building skills and enhance engagement with other engineers.

From here, you may engage with IEEE Officers, Standing Committees and Geo-units in volunteer tasks of three types;

Micro-Volunteer’ Single (one time only) small jobs,

Reoccurring (tasks that happen on a repeating basis) and

Officer Appointments on the staff of committees and Geo-units (Affinity Groups and Chapters).

Each opportunity type is expanded in the sections below, and specific task or appointment details are given in the write up in the portal sub-pages.

We encourage you to review all the opportunities listed in each type that suit your volunteer time availability and interest.  Contact the relevant Chairs for more information and to volunteer to help.

  • One Time Tasks   (<<<LINK)
    • These tasks will only need to be done once. Each task is described in detail, along with an estimate of how long it will take to accomplish, there will be a target time for completion and a contact person for further information, and notification when you complete the task.
  • Periodic Reoccurring Tasks     (<<<LINK)
    • These tasks need to be done on a regular basis. Consistency and the ability to commit to a repeating completion target date and time are necessary.  Each is also described in detail, will include time estimates and the information contact.


Note: If you begin a task and circumstances prevent your fulfilling the requirements, simply notify the contact person so other arrangements may be made.

  • Officer Postings    (<<<LINK)
    • Officer postings with our Standing Committees & Geo-units (Affinity Groups and Chapters).  These are long term assignments with links to the associated job descriptions. 
    • Review out Organization Roster (LINK), and note positions with no name, highlighted in Yellow.  Those positions are vacant, and a good opportunity to become involved.  Contact the relefant Chair.  
    • Appointments to Standing Committees is based on the Committee Chair’s assessment of potential and need.  Re-appointment is based on need and performance.  
    • Appointments to fill elected position vacancies in Geo-units will also require standing for election at the regular election period for all Geo-units in the Section (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer). Other positions may only require re-appointment by the Geo-unit Chair.  
    • Note: Appointments to Geo-units require the appointee be an active IEEE member, as well as a member of the Geo-unit (Affinity Group or Technical Chapter) of the supporting Society, or one of the supporting Societies in the case of a ‘joint’ Chapter.  


Survey Links for Officers who are Posting Tasks:

Officers with IEEE SEM may use the link below to enter tasks in the system in order to activate a search for a volunteer and posting of the volunteer opportunity on the IEEE SEM Webpage.

Single Tasks and  Periodic Reoccurring Tasks Survey   (<<<LINK)

  • Single & Periodic Tasks:
    • Task Title
    • Contact Person e-mail & Phone #
    • Task Purpose/Function
    • Related Committee or Geo-unit
    • Task Time Estimate
    • Task Repeating Execution Target (if repeated task)
    • Task Target Date
    • Task Description
    • Tools, Equipment, Documents Needed
    • Associated Training

Single Tasks and  Periodic Reoccurring Tasks Survey   (<<<LINK)


Officer Vacancy Posting Survey:   (<<<LINK)

  • Officer Postings
    • Contact Person e-mail & Phone #
    • Appointment Title
    • Appointment Function
    • Related Committee or Geo-unit