SF Bay Area Nanotechnology Council


Spring Symposium: Emerging Nano-Bio & Nano-Ionic Technologies and Applications

Please join us our 9th Annual Full Day Symposium:

Emerging Nano-Bio & Nano-Ionic Technologies and Applications

May 15, 2013 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Texas Instruments (TI) Auditorium E-1 2900 Semiconductor Drive Santa Clara, CA Please download detailed agenda. Links in presentation titles download slides provided by the speakers for distribution. Presentations include: Keynote Dr. Chandrasekhar Narayan, Dir. Science and Technology, IBM Almaden Labs Session 1: Non-volatile Memory I
  • Dr. Rene Meyer, Rambus Labs: “Tunnel RRAM Devices”
  • Dr. Geoffrey Burr, Research Staff Member, IBM Almaden Labs: “Access devices for 3-D crosspoint using Mixed-Ionic-Electronic-Conduction ”
Session 2: Non-volatile Memory II Session 3: Nano Bio-Med
  • Mark Bunger, Research Director, Lux Research: “Nanoionics in Medicine: from modest beginnings to potentially bright future”
  • Prof. Anand Gadre, Director, Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry, UC Merced: “Applications of Polymeric Micro/Nano-Electro-MEMS in Biotechnology”
  • Dr. Rob Meagley, Founder ONE Nanotechnologies: “Creating Chemoselective Surfaces and Films for Sensor Platforms”
Session 4: Nano Materials
  • Dr. Jessica Koehne, Nano-bio sensing systems Scientist at NASA Ames: “Carbon Nanofiber Nanoelectrode Arrays for Biosensing Applications”
  • Dr. Boaz Vilozny, Bioengineering Dept UC Santa Cruz: “Applications Surface Modification of Glass Nanopores for Bioanalytical Sensing”
  • Jon Myers, CEO and Founder, Graphene Technologies: “Reversing the Greenhouse – Carbon Dioxide to Graphene Devices”

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