SF Bay Area Nanotechnology Council


April 18 – Full Day Symposium – Nanotech Enabled 2D Devices & Materials

IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Council 10th Anniversary Full Day Symposium

“The Promise and Progress of Nanotech Enabled 2D Devices and Materials”

Friday April 18, 2014
8:30 AM – 4:30  pm
Texas Instruments (TI) Auditorium E-1
2900 Semiconductor Drive
Santa Clara, CA

Co-Sponsored by IEEE SCV Electron Devices Chapter

Devices derived from atomically thin sheet crystalline materials are among the latest revolutions to come out of the past decade’s focus on Nanotechnology. These so-called 2D materials hold the promise of vastly improved electrical, thermal, optical, structural and piezoelectric properties. They may be arriving just in time to shore up the slowing pace of 3D silicon based advances. They go by the now familiar names Graphene and Germanene as well as the emerging names Stanene, Silicene, and Moly disulfide. The IEEE San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council Chapter will devote its 10th Anniversary Fall Symposium to showcase the breadth of the exciting work being done in the Bay Area and beyond to reveal the promise of these uniquely nanotechnology enabled structures.

The symposium will provide a forum for networking and exchange of information among local academics, engineers, early stage venture capitalists and entrepreneurs who are moving nanotechnology beyond single dimension applications and into the world of 2D where cooperation is again shown to magnify beneficial results.

Presentations will cover:

  • Research and commercialization of one or a few atom thick materials or surface effects.
  • Materials like Graphene, Stanene, Silicene, Germanene, Moly disulfide, Boron Nitrice, etc.
  • Dramatic improvements in electrical, thermal, optical, structural and piezoelectric properties.
  • Applications such as batteries, super capacitors, sensors, integrated circuits, optical & piezoelectric devices.

8:30-9:10    Registration and Networking

9:10-9:15    Welcome: Nick Massetti, 2014 Chair, IEEE SFBA Nanotech Council

9:15-9:55    Opening Remarks by Rep Mike Honda, 17th US Congressional District
NNI’s legacy, Mature technologist’s employment, Immigration,…

9:55-10:05   Coffee Break

10:05-12:05 Session 1: Graphene Growth, Doping, Characteristics

10:05-10:45 Prof. Oscar Dubon, UC Berkeley
Growth Behavior of Graphene on Metal Substrates

10:45-11:25 Dr. Nan Liu, Stanford University
Graphene-Organic Interface & Rational Control of Electronic Properties
Adobe_PDF_Icon.svgDownload presentation here.


11:25-12:05 Prof. Jeanie Lau, UC Riverside
1, 2, 3… Ripples, Gaps and Transport in Graphene Membranes
Adobe_PDF_Icon.svgDownload presentation here.


12:05-1:20  Lunch and Poster Session

1:20-2:40    Session 2: 2D Enabled Devices and Applications

1:20-2:00    Prof. Min Hwan Lee, UC Merced
Graphene-based Air Electrodes for Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cells
Adobe_PDF_Icon.svgDownload presentation here.


2:00-2:40    Prof. Sayeef Salahuddin, UC Berkeley
Electronics with 2D semiconductors and their heterostructures

2:40-2:55    Break-Refreshments

2:55-4:15    Session 3: Near 2D Effects and Applications

2:55-3:35    Prof. Jiang Wei, Tulane University
2D Binary Transition Metal Chalcogenide and Beyond

3:35-4:15    Prof. Xiaogan Liang, University of Michigan
MoS2-Based Multi-Bit Memories Fabricated by Plasma-Induced Self-Formation of Charge Storage Layers


Registration Fee (Lunch Included):
IEEE Members: $50
Non-Members: $65
Students & Between employment & Life Members: SPECIAL $20 (normally $35)

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