IEEE Computer Society (Singapore Section)


Talk on “Mobile ICT for Humanitarian Impact” by Sampath (CEO & Managing Director, BeWo Technologies)

This event, held on 6th September, was jointly organized by IEEE Singapore Computer Chapter and IEEE Singapore Section.


Sampath will share insights on effective cellular-enabled technologies that have been successful in rural India. Originally incubated by Qualcomm out of California, BeWo Technologies is a social entrepreneurial company that designs and develops hardware & software solutions for Below-Poverty-Line markets. The Multi Authentication Cellular Handset is an Android based integrated biometric device that can bring just about all services to the doorstep of the rural individual. Applications include healthcare, self-employment, eGovernance, and financial inclusion. The design sensibility is essential in offering highly usable products to a semi-literate village population. Rightsizing convenient and durable technology makes all the difference in adoption and scalability across entire nations.

This interactive session will help deepen your interest in this most relevant sector. Partnerships make all the difference, and you are welcome to join the cause.


Sampath is a strong proponent of humanitarian entrepreneurialism that creates a shift in perspective and policy. He is Co-Founder and CEO of BeWo Technologies, an enterprise with a mission to drive change in Below-Poverty-Line markets using innovative technology and business models. Focus areas include rural development, village-level healthcare, and eGovernance across India, South Asia, and Africa.

An author of pending patents, Sampath spearheads the IEEE Rural Mobile Technology Initiative. He has taught MBA Global Business at the University of California Irvine. Sampath also delivers keynotes at international conferences on globalization, social entrepreneurship, and technology. Over the last several years, he has helped steer US & California public policy for education, innovation, and economic development.

Grounded in decades of experience, Sampath brings clear vision and global leadership to businesses and non-profits. He also serves as Director at Quanta Consulting, Inc., a Los Angeles based globalization strategy firm. Previously, he held senior management, marketing & technology roles at Reuters, Capital One, and start-ups.

Sampath holds an MBA from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, and a Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India.

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