Student Hardware Competition


Teams build robots to compete autonomously in a Star Wars inspired competition where they must discover the unknown, use the Force in a lightsaber duel, bring down the energy shield protecting the enemy base, and then launch a proton torpedo to defeat the enemy.

For more details on the competition, check out the following links:

  • Hardware rules – This is the complete list of rules for the robots. These rules were frozen on October 9, 2016. Any further updates or clarifications will be added to errata or FAQ documents below.
  • Arena schematics – This github repository contains the full schematics and PCBs that will be built for the competition arenas to judge the robots. Teams are not required to build these – in fact, it is recommended that teams not put their effort into completely recreating all of the arena electronics. They are only posted here so that the teams can review exactly how the arena electronics work to help answer questions (and teams are encouraged to look over the schematics, PCBs and Arduino source code, to help verify no issues).
  • Arena 3D files and Arduino source code – This github repository includes both the 3D designs of the arena and stage 2 lightsaber and coil and the complete copy of the Arduino source code for the arena electronics. Teams are encouraged to read through the code to fully understand how the robots will be judged.
  • Facebook discussion group – Teams are strongly urged to join and follow along on the discussions for up to the minute discussions and announcements.

Contact Information: Rodney Radford

Hardware Competition Registration: 

Registration is OPEN. Please go to the registration tab to register both the members attending to the conference and the robot to the hardware competition. The deadline to register is one week prior to the conference – March 23, 2017.