Student T-Shirt Competition

The Region 3 Student Branch T-Shirt Competition is held annually in conjunction with SoutheastCon. The competition is open to all Region 3 Student Branches, which can submit a TShirt or lab coat design. Each student branch is allowed only one item in the competition. The student branch T-shirt or lab coat design must include the IEEE logo, and must have the school name and/or SoutheastCon 2017 incorporated into the design. Either one-sided or two-sided designs are allowable. For two-sided designs, the student branch should turn in two items for judging.

Student branches must adhere to the IEEE regulations related to the use of the IEEE Logo, which can be found at:

Student branches must register for the Region 3 Student Branch T-Shirt Competition at:

The registration deadline is one week prior to the conference – March 23, 2017. Student branches should submit their items for judging at the conference registration desk before 12:00n on Saturday, April 1.